Ancient answers to modern problems…
The solution to electronic pollution comes to us, surprisingly, with an ancient answer…
Your Light is the Key…On or Off? Take the Cell Phone Challenge…


Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hindu Ayurvedic Medicine focus on a system that is balanced in Chi or Prana Life Force for optimal well-being. Western Medicine references specific bio-markers in an attempt to achieve a desired outcome. While their approach to wellness may embrace divergent cultural ideologies, all seek a reduction in STRESS to the system. Any positive, or special physical benefits we may experience are the result of maintaining a Coherent light Signal, and does not compromise, disrupt or require exclusion from any Western Medicine or Eastern Alternative protocol the subject may be receiving from their practitioner.

What Is It?

The Conscious Coaster is an example of Transformational Technology designed to address the biological assault of living in the 21st Century. Our air, food, water and now wireless devices emit disruptive signals that cause increased STRESS, now being recorded world-wide.

What Does It Do?

Conscious Coaster Description of actions and effects requires referencing ancient models of subtle energy that have been recorded for thousands of years. These models are Light-Based, and can provide immediate feedback to their optimal or compromised functions, when knowledge of their hidden secrets are known. The Conscious Coaster applied at the anatomical location of the Medulla Oblongata, located on the lower back of head, activates the 3rd Eye Master Light Sensor. This action is referred to as the Einstein Effect described previously. Opening the 3rd Eye allows Our Light from within to come forth creating a protective magnetic field that surrounds us. It is the force of this magnetic field that functions as our shield to protect us from disruptive environmental and man-made signals. When the shield is in effect it can actually be measured by simply placing our palms forward at shoulder height with our eyes closed focused upwards. Making contact with these magnetic shields pulls our body forward and downward toward the Earth; just like the bending of Earth’s protective spheres serves as a shield to protect us from plasma solar flare radiation.

How Can We Demonstrate This Phenomenon?

The unique and unprecedented function of the Conscious Coaster can be physically demonstrated with immediate and measurable results confirming its ability to Transform an Incoherent Light Signal, body wobbles when contact is made at 3rd Eye, into a Coherent Light Signal, body bows when contact is made at 3rd eye. This desired result is necessary for accurate transmission of information in and between all subtle energy systems. The reduction of STRESS is the desired outcome.


The Conscious Coaster charges the Body Battery which sends a beam of light to the Third Eye to Open. The Third Eye Opens, sending the light beam forward. We call this the Einstein Effect. Einstein proved Gravity bends light. Magnetism also bends light, so does water! Because the light beam is outside the visible wavelength spectrum we cannot see it. However, the light must conform to known laws of physics and bend. Because the light beam is connected to us, our body bends forward and downward following the path of bending light. This is the Physics of Coherent Light! We experience 2×2 Bows to complete a feedback loop of communication; sending and receiving light signals. The stronger our Magnetic Field surrounding us, the stronger and more forceful our Bows are experienced! Our bio-magnetic force field emanating from us creates a shield of protection; similar to Earth’s multiple spheres of protection from solar radiation. Neither can be seen. However, we can experience the difference between Lights ON and Lights OFF!!!

How Does It Work?

The Sri Yantra Mandala Study, performed at Princeton Department of Engineering and Anomalies Research, is the model used for the technology behind the Conscious Coaster. While the patterns differ, the effect of signal transmission altering a magnetic field to produce positive, measurable results is embraced and duplicated in the Conscious Coaster. The pixilation of an image embedded in the Conscious Coaster, which cannot be seen, is registered in the brain as a signal producing positive, measurable results!

How Can We Optimize Our Results?

Staying hydrated with water exposed to the Conscious Coaster and transforming all Items that go on, or in our body.

Beam it Big…Beam it Small…Beam it All!

The Conscious Coaster is applied to the Medulla Oblongata, located at the lower back of head, three (3) times a day for 30 seconds, maintains a Coherent Light Signal. We can be seated, or lying down in bed. Evidence of bows is not required. However, a check to see if our Master Light Sensor is Coherent, it is turned ON, is advised. All we have to do is focus our eyes upward and begin to experience a pull forward and downward. If not, then you may simply be dehydrated. Drink more Conscious Coaster water and recheck. If still no result, then apply Conscious Coaster to Medulla for 30 seconds and recheck.

Optimum results are achieved by following the protocol below, three (3) times a day:

Morning / Afternoon / Evening Before Bed

  1. Drink 6-8 oz. of water that has been exposed to the Conscious Coaster.
  2. Apply Conscious Coaster to Medulla for 30 seconds.

How Do We Transform Food, Beverages, etc.?

Exposure to any substance with the Conscious Coaster for a few seconds will transform its signal to complement our signal. Some people also notice a transformation of acidic beverages as a change in aroma, texture and taste. Additionally, they may perceive a transformation in their water’s taste by being smoother on the tongue. Once any item is transformed, the signal remains transformed. One exposure is sufficient. An exception is carbonated beverages that require a longer exposure to transform, but have a tendency to go flat!

Does Our Energy Evolve or Get Stronger?

Yes! Overtime you will ultimately experience the Master Oscillation Signal recorded for thousands of years. It can be measured in three (3) locations: Can be performed standing or seated. Back must be erect with shoulders back.

  1. At the 3rd Eye when your gaze is focused upwards with eyes closed. This phenomenon is experienced by our body making 2 Bows of light, after returning to upright, then begins twisting left and right, in essence, Oscillating. This validates our 3rd Eye is open to Coherent Light Signals!
  2. At the location of Master Oscillation on the ear chart pictured here:
    With eyes closed focused upwards, make contact with both index fingers on Master Oscillation. Body will first experience 2 Bows of light, then begins twisting left and right in an Oscillating movement. This validates our sensitive light receptors in the ears are more powerful than the disruptive signals from cellphones!
  3. Place hands at shoulder height with palms facing forward. Eyes are closed focused upwards. Body experiences 2 Bows of light, then begins twisting left and right in an Oscillating movement. This also validates our protective magnetic light shield is activated!

You are now dialed into, THE GOD SIGNAL! This signal is encoded in major biblical texts, but has remained cryptic until being deciphered. It is a signal of PEACE, which is the antidote to STRESS, and will assist us in achieving our full potential of wisdom, wealth and well-being.

Dr. Sari Suttka